Would you believe me if I told you I have found the song that you can play at a club party and when you are alone at home devoured by emotions? Here is Gimme Gimme by Chicago based Duo DRAMA. The single is the second release from the band’s forthcoming debut LP Dance Without Me due in February 2020, following last month’s pretty smooth single Hold On. Balancing somewhere between deep lovesick lyrics and punchy beats so groovy, they won’t let your feet stand still the two musicians combine the best of two worlds. Singer and songwriter Via Rosa shines with her lyricism and soulful performance, while Na’el Shehade’s house-influenced production style adds the danceable cherry on top. Contemplating the next steps of her love life, Rosa’s vocals echo over the glistering synth-lines moving along as effortlessly as if they had grown organically like a bush of roses.

“The idea was to have a conversation with my myself about what kind of man I’m looking for,” Rosa says about the single. “In the chorus I repeat the line ‘I need you to stand and deliver. Cause I need a man that’s not gonna give me any any…’ The end I purposely left blank so listeners could insert what they don’t want from their next lover. Oddly enough the song was inspired by the closing scene in the movie ‘Grease’ where Sandy sings to to Danny ‘You better shape up cause I need a man.’ Only in my world, I’m Sandy, my heart is Danny and I’m telling my heart to shape up and give me what I want.”

Just like Grease this single will not only get stuck in your head but in every cell of your body itching you to dance along. Fittingly, the title of the forthcoming debut aligns and gives us a little hint of what we can expect; danceable grooves with moving lyrics. Similar to dancing alone, the message of the songs is somewhat as vulnerable yet, confident as a lone dancer. Taking to the middle of the stage, to the spotlight, takes courage and that is exactly where DRAMA are dancing.

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