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— Daily Tune 10/10/2019

DRAMA – ‘Hold On’

Okay, there must have been another band named DRAMA in the history of pop music, right? Na’el Shehade and Via Rosa can’t be the first and if they are it’s a pretty clever move. The duo from Chicago just signed to Ghostly International and they are aiming to get a debut album out throughout 2020. Hold On is a first teaser from it and it’s actually no drama at all but a smooth mixture of soulful R&B and a gentle electronic groove, giving it a hopeful and optimistic character. “For me, it’s an anthem. It’s what anyone’s friends would say if the love of their life left them,” explains Rosa the track.”“It’s a reminder for myself to keep loving.” So, can you fell the love because we surely do. In the wake of this wonderful pop bliss we’re definitely looking forward for more DRAMA in the next decade.

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