If you happen to love your electronic dance music with an extra dose of tenderness the sound of producer Brian Zajak aka Fejká might be of special interest for you. As he has been fascinated by the musical combination of opposing forces for as long as he can remember it made sense to bring them all together under the Fejká moniker – chillout vs. club, slow vs. fast, night vs. day.

Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION proudly unveils his latest single Infinity, a track that sums up that fascinating combination of contradcitions pretty good. It’s an uplifting dance tune that isn’t even trying to hide its melancholic notion. ‘Infinity is about that absolute emptiness,’ describes the producer the track, ‘the one that occurs after an emotional high in life, when the realisation of what happened catches up to you.’

To transport that emotion Fejká teamed up with German singer/singwriter Marie Angerer once again whose vocals add an extra dose of tenderness to the tune. The music video supports the mood of the track as we follow a dancer through the urban environment, a bit similar to the latest clip by Zajak’s label buddy Christian Löffler. Zajak himself shot end edited the music video which he describes in the following words:

‘Infinity is an audiovisual Manifest that expresses those emotions that cannot be captured through words alone. The video and the song are both meant to describe the undescribable, as close as I can at the moment. It resembles a certain feeling I get time after time, a feeling which always reminds me of the importance of our lives.’

The single is released via Ki Records and you are happily invited to fall for its magic right here.