American composer Alex Somers is a restless artist whose work alyways works the tightrope between beauty and despair, it seems. While the Iceland-based artist was foremost known for his regular collaborations with his partner Jónsi of Sigur Rós he recently started to widen his musical field. Following the scores for the indie film Captain Fantastic, that really great Hang The DJ episode of Black Mirror‘s fourth season and a rework for the wonderful posthumous album of late composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, Alex Somers now unfolds this really wonderful reinterpretation for Atlas, Eyes, a track by Belgian neo-classic artist Illuminine.

Originally the song is featured on the second Illuminine album #2 which came out in 2017. Now, the project’s mastermind, Kevin Imbrechts, freshly released #2 Reworks, an album full of – well, what the title hints at. Alex Somers‘ rework of Atlas, Eyes follows the ‘less is more’ formula, allowing the gentle music and the tender vocal performance by beloved singer Will Samson to do all the magic. The noisy ambience soundscapes give this new version of Atlas, Eyes quite a spooky and otherworldly touch but thanks to Samson’s warm voice there’s a lot of warmth that shines through.

The music video NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is debuting today was made by Stijn Hüwels and it perfectly supports this mood as it follows the song on his ‘journey’ through via a night fly over empty cobblestone streets. It’s an adventurous affair for all lovers of emotional and cinematic sounds. #2 Reworks is out now via Dauw and you can order it right here after falling in love with the following piece.