Don’t you love a bit drama from time to time? Zurich-based quintet Len Sander is here to provide something although the sound of their new song House Of Drama is actually quite gentle. The band around distinctive vocalist Blanka Inauen first debuted three years ago with their LP Phantom Garden and you might remember that we debuted the video for Another Man back then. This week Inauen and her band return with their sophomore album The Future Of Lovers which will once again provide delicate dream pop sweetness. The new Len Sander LP invites the audience to openly celebrate physicality and sensuality in the digital age and House Of Drama is a testament about that.

Blanka Inauen who said that she can be quite dramatic too, explains the notion of this new track:

‘I was fascinated when I learned that the word ‘drama’ in Greek actually means ‘action’ and is derived from ‘I do’. So the House of Drama I am singing about in the song must not be an unpleasant place, but it’s a place where things happen, a place full of desire, movement, activity and life.

And I think this fits very well into the whole album in which we experimented with our music and also with our ideas, reflecting on how our relationships and our art will look like in the future.’

So, with this exclusive premiere happening on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION we happily invite you to get physical once again and embrace the true feelings in your life. The Future Of Lovers arrives on January 26 via Mouthwatering Records.