Twenty-year-old Norwegian singer and producer Margrete (Margrete Skretting Bergset, to give her her full name), is one of the latest signings to the Diamond Club single series (Strange Hellos, Heartbreak Satellite), and debuted with her single Teen late last year. Teen was so good that it made the wait for the follow-up a chore, but she’s finally back. And we’ve got the premiere of her new single Joy today.

Joy is a song that positively radiates a sunshine-y warmth (if any song is a source of vitamin C, this one is). But it’s a song that exists in two parts. The first two minutes are soft, almost ambient, gently flowing synth-pop. Then around the 02:20 mark, it moves into another world and evolves into a more aggressive, more experimental track, shifting between different phases into something powerful and dynamic. Margrete handles and executes this strange, shifting sands song perfectly, wrapping all its twists and turns into glowing, slow-dreaming pop music. Margrete says:

“The song is about the importance of letting your guard down and being vulnerable when you love someone.”

Joy is out now on Diamond Club