It’s always risky to make predictions about musicians (apols to all the people who I tipped about bands I said were sure to be huge who disbanded weeks later), but you can probably expect to hear a lot about Norway’s Margrete this year. She’s started her career on a gentle incline, having released three singles since 2017 so far, but with her poetic synth-pop having earned her a semi-final spot in Norwegian radio’s prestigious Urørt new music competition and a grant from the songwriting organisation NOPA, she’s well set-up to take the next step onto a bigger stage.

On the moment, on the agenda is her new single River View, which has just gotten a video, one we’re happy to be premiering for you today. River View is a piece of airy, delicate music, that takes for its atmosphere that point where nature and the otherworldly blur, where the features around us seem bigger and more significant than real life. The video, directed by Frøydis Fossli Moe, picks up on that vibe for its inspiration, taking us out into the snowy forest bathed in spectral blue, for a clip packed with stunning shots where the world unknown starts to move. Margrete says: ‘The music video for River View is directed by Frøydis Fossli Moe. It displays the feelings of existential dread with a horror-like approach and inspiration from the tales of Nøkken, a mythical creature from Norwegian folklore.’

River View is out now on Brilliance.