In a fairer and overall better world, the cinematic pop endeavours of German collective Orph would attract a far bigger audience beyond the band’s current ‘hidden treasure’ status. Mastermind Marco De Haunt and his fellow musicians perfected their complex yet quite accessible sound on this year’s new album The Pyramid Tears Of Simba. We already presented you the M83-like Buildings Are On Fire a while back and today we deliver more convincing material in the form of their latest single Heart Of A Window.

‘This song is very special, because it was written in only one hour,’ explains De Haunt. He continues to speak about the track’s notion: ‘I love the dynamic of these moments. Everything is very focused – one thought, one imagination and every move is in the mood.’ Carried on a tender yet quite confident sound the music doesn’t need to hide itself from a comparison to Tears For Fears or the latest Arcade Fire material. The lyrics for the track a simple parable as the songwriter explains to us: ‘The hope means future and the mirror looks back – one love is gone, a new love will come. That’s the beauty of life.’

The music video for Heart Of A Window – which we are debuting exclusively on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION today – underlines that notion and works as a reduced hug from lonely hearts. In collaboration with director Michael Venus Orph use a film format with much more simplicity which was around in the 80s and early 90s: the VHS dating tape. In front of simple coloured backgrounds the individual band members are looking for partners and describe themselves and their ideas of a harmonious partnership. It’s more a subtle hind to those simpler times than an actual dating show from 1985 – but we must say: film and music work really great together.