East London duo Polychrome are Victoria and Oliver, also members of bands like Victoria And Jacob and Bronze Medallists. They’ve got a self-titled debut album on the way this summer, recorded way up north in the Scottish highlands at Grianian Echo Lodge, and Final Kiss is the lead single from that album. And we’ve got the first listen for you today.
Shoegaze is a word that features intermittently when Polychrome talk about themselves, and you can see its influence in Final Kiss, in the sighing echoes and hazy production that the track is wrapped up in. But there’s also a groove here, a song with a rhythm that moves it into the world of subtle dance music, and synths that push it towards pop. It’s a track that successfully builds its home between genres. The band’s Victoria says:

Final Kiss was one of my favourites to work on as I directed the production. I really wanted a vintage sound, and managed to pick up a harmonica mic that I found in a bargain bin. I’ve got a Juni 106 keyboard and a 107 drum-machine keyboard at home that I also recorded to gain the backbone for this track. I’m big on female production and songwriting and seeing how male-led the industry is drives me harder. Olly is always happy to let me take the driving seat as he trusts my style and skill

Final Kiss is out on March 16. Listen below.