Norwegian band Ponette set a couple of fires last year with some hyped singles, and we even caught up with them at Vill Vill Vest in Bergen. Now they’re finally back with their first outing of what is sure to be a big 2019 for the band. Their new single is called Meltdown, and we’ve got the premiere for you here today.

The whomping synths on Meltdown echo that feeling of being in a dark club, where the bass hits so hard you can feel it physically sweep by you. Meltdown is an emotionally claustrophobic song too, a song about when the walls of a decision are closing in on you and you can’t figure a way out. A slow-burning verse gives way to a chorus that hits like a train, Helene Svaland’s vocal panic twisted and sharpened into an a killer melody.

The band say:

“Meltdown is about the moment you realise you’ve lost yourself in a relationship, after many years of trying to make it work. You stop feeling like you have your own identity and thoughts, desperately trying to solve a situation that should have been ended a long time ago. When you finally see what’s going on there’s this huge emotional meltdown, where everything gets extremely fucked up, but then you slowly start feeling like yourself again.”

Enjoy the brand new Ponette piece right here.

Meltdown is out on May 10 on Toothfairy.