In a world that is currently tending to think quite gloomy and dystopian, a more joyful and easy-minded approach to life is always highly welcome. Hey, if we’re all going to hell, why not at least do it with a big laughter. Over the past years Raf Rundell has become a constant force when it comes to feel good vibrations. He first stepped into the limelight as one half of joyful house music project The 2 Bears, the band he’s running with his buddy Joe Goddard from Hot Chip. Following a first mini album in late 2016 the bearded gentleman is now setting up his first proper solo full-length album called Stop Lying which arrives on March 2nd via 1965 Records.

Following the previously released soulful Every Morning this other new single called Sweet Cheeks continues Rundell‘s path to more song-based material. The track is a funky fiesta which sees the producer teaming up with London-based glam pop newcomers Showboy. It’s the sort of sound that instantly goes into your feed and let’s you unravel your fanciest dance moves. Today, NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is thrilled to debut the crazy music video which underlines the wild character of the tune. It includes fancy costumes, balloons, a piano and – of course – a lot of dancing. Or as the artist describes it:

In the darkest days we gathered in a vaulted room. The reverend Milo Speedwagon manned the lenses and Ted Rogers called the moves. Free your mind and your SWEET CHEEKS will follow

So, if you need decoration advice for your next house party, this video can indeed serve as an inspiration. Raf Rundell continues to be a hidden pop treasure but hopefully this clip and and the upcoming Stop Lying album will hopefully change that.