Dutch dream folk band Rosemary & Garlic has been one of our highlights at this year’s Reeperbahn Festival, thanks to their heart-warming and highly emotional performance on our very own stage at the St. Pauli church. Now, we’re happy to fall for the magic spell of singer Anne van den Hoogen and her fellow musicians once again as we’re exclusively debuting the group’s brand new single Beautiful. And rarely has the phrase of ‘what you expect is what you get’ being more suitable than this time. Because the track itself is indeed quite beautiful,

The new Rosemary & Garlic single is a delicate and soothing song for these cold November days and not falling for too much bleakness was indeed an important intention of the van den Hoogen as she explains:
‘For our EP and our album I wrote often about loss, about growing up, about outsiders, loneliness and letting go, but never in a dark or depressed way. Every song also always has something soothing to it, a touch of love, a tone that heals and gives comfort. In this song I’ve put love and especially that comforting part plainly up front.’
Beautiful also marks the starting point of a new chapter for the group, following the the departure of founding member Dolf Smolenaers earlier this year. The single was mixed by Chris Allen (Ry X, Âme) who gave the song its clear and reduced, yet still very cinematic notion. Needless to say, we’ll be hearing a lot more from these folks in 2019, right? Don’t forget to also catch them on their upcoming intimate tour dates which you can find below the new single.