18-year-old singer-songwriter Sofia is being set up to be one of the Finnish music business’ big hopes for 2019. After a couple of domestic singles, she squeezed in her first international single, Domino, at the end of last year, and with a debut EP on the way, she’s now dropping another one. Her new single is called Heavy, and we’ve got the exclusive preview for you here today.

She’s flitted between different styles on her earlier singles, but Heavy is the first song where she starts to hone in on a sound that’s all her own. Pitched somewhere between noir neo-cabaret and peppy, modern synth-pop, it casts Sofia’s style as a composed meeting of the two, darkly-lit lounge music with an electronic touch. Sofia says:

Heavy is about the feeling of not being enough for someone, no matter how hard you try. It just makes you feel so weak to give your everything, put all your stakes on the table, and still not being good enough. I wrote this song to clear my head and to give myself the confidence I needed. I wanted the song to be truthful and to remind that there’s always even the tiniest piece of hope left. The amazing visuals created by Jonne Heinonen and Elias Kaus, perfectly

Illustrate the message I wanted to convey, taking the viewers deep into my own personal world. Elias designed his apartment into the world you see in the video, mixing real life with the actress Ninni Wallin and and surreal clipboard animation using mixed media.They spent loads of hours with the camera, paper and scissors cutting all the raindrops and images to collages to make the video alive frame by frame!

Sofia’s Heavy is out on March 29 on Texicalli Records Oy