Whereas a lot of modern pop music feels like drinking a two-litre bottle of Coke in about five minutes, a hyper-charged product pumped with sensory overload to disguise its lack of craft, Norwegian artist SOFIA isn’t afraid to take a different path. The latest is a slow spread of singles, Where To Go is a song that has a natural sense of air and space.

In its world, things just seem relaxed and easy. Producer Coucheron conjures up a breezy smooth-pop background, and SOFIA‘s voice is front and centre, standing in the middle of a decision but unhurried and unstressed. There’s a bunch of nice little touches here, like the shiver of strings before the drop into the last chorus, and it all makes for a gently-pretty pop song, ostensibly about being lost, but still sounding at peace with itself. Check it, and a Q’n’A with SOFIA, out below.

So to start, tell us how you wrote Where To Go. How does your collaboration with Coucheron usually work?

Where To Go started with an idea I came up with two years ago. I was stuck with some chords and a melody for the chorus and I couldn’t get on. Then I picked the idea up this spring, and things went so much easier! It´s fun when you pick up old things and they suddenly work so smoothly the second time. I guess you sometimes just have to let things be for a while. In June I shared the song with Coucheron, and we started working on it straight away. I am really content with the product! I love working with Coucheron, and personally I like it best when I can come with a demo that is almost complete and we can start producing straight away.

The strings on this track really add a nice bit of detailing, where did that idea come from?

I think both me and Coucheron felt like we needed some strings in this song, but I don’t remember the idea coming from a particular place. I like strings! And it´s a natural part of both I Don’t Want To Lose A Friend and Fake It.

A song centred on uncertainty certainly seems at home in this era of corona-flux, did that play into your thinking when you wrote it?

No, the lyrics doesn’t really have anything to do with corona, but I wrote it in a period where I felt a lot of confusion. I am a thinker, so it´s not unusual for me to ask a lot of questions, but sometimes they feel a bit overwhelming. The lyrics pretty much say it as it is: I wonder what to do, I wonder what to say, how to spend my time, how to prioritize my relationships, how to do life basically. Big questions for sure! I think it´s important for us all to stop up once in a while and reconsider where we’re going. At the same time I need to tell myself that there isn’t one correct answer to these questions. The only answer that I personally have found to be firm, is Jesus.

You’re a couple of singles into your career now, do you feel you’re getting a better idea of the artist you want to be?

For sure! With Where To Go and I Don’t Want To Lose A Friend, my two recent singles, I feel like I’ve found the kind sound I want to have. I love the combination of the down-to-earth atmosphere, personal lyrics, creative harmonies and exciting production. I´ll probably continue to develop and change directions, but now I feel like I’m getting a better idea of the artist I want to be!

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