Somewhere in between 90s influenced Hip Hop soul and modern pop, the Dutch band The Cool Quest found their place in the music industry. Since the release of the debut Funkin’ Badass in 2014 the five-piece has been popping up on the music radar regularly. In their home country the Netherlands The Cool Quest have already made themselves a name, and are working on gaining international audiences with their funky vibes. Now five years after their debut they have exchanged their jazzy saxophones for a more contemporary sound spiced with electric guitars and synthesizers.

Their latest track, Till it’s over is punchy colorful hip hop track, with a whole lot of soulful feel-good vibes. The message ‘It ain’t over till its over’ encourages to keep on pursuing your dream and being proud of it. In a playfully cocky manner front man Vincent sings and raps about pushing beyond the boundaries with daring lyrics like ‘if they ever try to sabotage my dreams, then watch me’. The Cool Quest themselves are providing the best example of how working hard, through the constant struggles can pay off. Even if the outfit vibes easily – as it can be heard on their tracks – fighting your way through the jungle of musicians out there surely is a task.

The video for the single is reflecting its extroverted and positive atmosphere. The bright pop art designs go hand in hand with the funky bass heavy beat and make you want to dance along. With some psychedelic effects and retro colors the clip might as well have been made in the last century. Still the catchy RnB melody brings the track back into this one and is sure to get stuck in your head! They can be ‘proud as peacocks’ of this one.