Following last year’s critically underrated single Grow, things are looking good for German/Dutch two-piece The Day to get the attention in 2018 they surely deserve. The Day are Laura Loeters from Utrecht/Netherlands and Hamburg-based Gregor Sonnenberg and NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to debut their brand new single Yet To Come exclusively today. Feeling like the lovechild of Slowdive and Wolf Alice this new single catces the listener with a warm and melodic hook while being quite melancholic at the same time. According to The Day it’s a song about feeling lost in the current chaos of this world and our often occuring unability to leave our own bubble in order to change any routines.

In the end, Yet To Come, is both – a dystopian appraisal and a call to remain sane in these times. But most of it: it’s a really, really great piece of music that instantly makes you long for more from the dynamic two-piece. And we’re pretty sure that we’ll get more from this on the way to the band’s debut album this fall.