Norwegian’s RebMoe and Pasha put out I Don’t Speak French about a month ago, a piece of daft-but-fun, bratty, mischievous pop music. That song’s high-energy, playful style always made it seem like would translate well to video, and now it’s got one. RebMoe and Pasha are in ‘Paris’ for I Don’t Speak French‘s promo clip, and NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION got the premiere for you here today.

So what’s the plot here? Basically, the duo grab a green-screen and have fun rolling around in every French cliche imaginable (yes, the Eiffel Tower and croissants are in there), along with a brief cameo from Pulp Fiction-era John Tavolta (because of the Royale with Cheese scene? Who knows). If you’ve heard the song, you’re already familiar with the spirit of things here: slightly manic, high-intensity fun. RebMoe says:

I hope people watch the video and are reminded to not take life too seriously. I feel that there is a high pressure in our society to be perceived as perfect, and it feels very liberating to break down those barriers and just be a bit ridiculous. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun making it. There will be more coming soon.

And Pasha adds:

RebMoe insisted on the cereal.

Check out the Christian Zervos-made video below.

I Don’t Speak French is out now on Toothfairy.