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Landing Back on Earth: OY On “World Wide We” And Healing Through Music

On their new record "World Wide We", OY take their journey to Earth. The band examines political and structural problems and injustices as well as intimate emotions. Moving feet and minds, OY make music full of hope. This week we are introducing their new record and asked them a few questions about it.

Sonic Self-Portraiture: Nuha Ruby Ra On “Machine Like Me”

The unconventional artist Nuha Ruby Ra releases her second EP "Machine Like Me". A sonic experiment at its core, the music is driven by playfulness as well as the aim to deconstruct musical boundaries. We spoke to Nuha about the ideas behind the record and its making.

“Keeping The Faith In Life And In Love”: About The Retro-Tinged Folk Of Signe Marie Rustad

In a matter of reviving a classic songwriter spirit, Norwegian folk artist Signe Marie Rustad’s recent record turns a hopeful spirit into artistic courage and a nostalgic feel. For a new edition of our folk column we took the opportunity to chat her up and let her elaborate on the process, going into the tracks of her new record "Particles Of Faith" in detail. Make sure you also head into the playlist, which she co-curated with us for this occasion.

From Darkness Into the Light: Jennifer Touch On “Midnight Proposals”

With determination and musical confidence, Jennifer Touch has already made waves in the Berlin underground scene but that was just the beginning. On her second studio album, the German artist breaks free from her past while emerging in a fascinating new form. Lovers of sinister wave pop shouldn’t miss this record so that’s one reason why we decided to ask her a few questions.

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