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“I Can’t Hide From You Like I Hide From Myself”: Experiencing The Powerful Connection Of boygenius

Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus are boygenius. Although only in their late twenties, all three of them can already look back on highly successful solo careers. Now, five years after their self-titled debut EP, they have released their debut album "the record" and even though the title was probably chosen with a humorous intention, it can be taken seriously indeed: This is not some record - it is already a classic.

“Some Kind Of Autonomy”: Walking Through ‘Big Picture’ With Fenne Lily

The now New York-based folk artist Fenne Lily is back with her third record and while her tender acoustic aura hasn’t changed a bit, her latest full-length is more honest and authentic than ever, grappling the essence of this thing called love with new intensity and sincerity. In a matter of looking back at each song from first to last, these are her thoughts on how this album was conceived.

Conversations About Mental Health: Modha Release “Through the Cycle”

The collaborative record "Through the Cycle" by the Berliner Duo Modha engages in vulnerable and open conversations about mental health. With the aim to destigmatize the conversations around the topic, Modha share their emotions with the collaborators to create an atmosphere of trust. Among their collaborators are poet and writer Candice Nembhard, and the singers Noah Slee and Jermaine Peterson. We spoke to Modha and their contributors about the experience, vulnerability, and hopes for the album.

Altın Gün, Adi Oasis, M83, Unknown Mortal Orchestra And More: Our March Favourites

Every end of the month we are releasing a round-up of reviews of recent releases that moved us the most. These are the personal takes on hand-curated gems our team dug up, this time with Altın Gün, Adi Oasis, Kosaya Gora, M83, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Mary Anne's Polar Rig, Eddie Chacon and Mammal Hands. What will be your favourite?

Companion with 88 Keys: The Personal Reflections of Eleven Pianists

On the 88th day of the year, Piano Day, LEITER release the second compilation featuring pianists from different musical backgrounds. The record represents the diverse stories and emotions the piano can invoke. With artists like Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Yann Tiersen, and Meredi, the compilation celebrates the sound of the unique instrument.

Musical Choreography: Marta Cascales Alimbau On the Expression of A Pianist

Barcelona-based pianist Marta Cascales Alimbau merges classical and contemporary influences. Forming part of the growing scene of young pianists, she explores the range of expression of the 88 keys. Ahead of the release of her single "The Space Between" as part of the piano days project, we met the artist in her hometown.

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