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Harmonizing Berlin’s Soul Scene: Inside the Community of A Song For You

A Song For You is a Berlin-based choir project that unites more than fifty singers. Centering BIPoC voices, the choir provides a space for connecting and exploring the joys of communal singing. Anna Grubauer met Noah Slee, who is part of the founding team, and choreographer Stephanie Ilova for a chat in Berlin after their sold out debut show "The Matriarch".
X-S Event Flyer. May 6th 2023 at Marie Antionette in Berlin. An event curated with the disabled community for everyone. Panel, performances, DJ Sets.

Visibility, Access and Self-Determination for Berlin’s Nightlife at X-S

On May 6th, X-S takes place at Berlin's Marie Antoinette and Fitzroy. With the aim of reducing barriers, the party and panel talk focus on accessibility and visibility for disabled and neurodiverse communities. We spoke to Stella Spoon, who is part of the organizing team, about ableism in nightlife and strategies to make club culture safer and more accessible for people with disabilities and its intersections.

Daughter, Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys, Yaeji, Temples And More: Our April Favourites

Every end of the month we publish a round-up of reviews of recent releases that moved us. These are the personal takes on hand-curated gems our team dug up. This time with artist Daughter, Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys, Yaeji, Temples, Everything But The Girl, Lael Neale, Perlee, Indigo De Souza and Nabihah Iqbal. Which will be your favourite?

Where Rap and Jazz Meet: XJAZZ! Headliner Nadia Rose in Conversation

The Berliner festival, XJAZZ!, is known for bending definitions of jazz. Considering it a word of freedom rather than a narrow genre description, its line-up features international artists with different takes on jazz. We spoke to headliner and South Londoner Rapper Nadia Rose about her music and its connection to the genre.
In a wide shot Annahstasia sits in the middle of the room. Her long braids float upward and out of the frame. she is wearing a textured dress made of red and purple fabric.

“I Put My Whole Heart Out On the Table”: Annahstasia on her Debut “Revival”

First loves tend to stay with us for the rest of our lives. For LA-based singer Annahstasia, this first love was music. After struggling with music industry pitfalls, discrimination and doubt, her debut "Revival" is a confidently vulnerable return to musical expression. In conversation with Alexandra Gulzarova she opens up about rediscovering feminity, folk music and breaking stereotypes.

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