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All Eyes On The ESNS Exchange: A Stroll Through The New Generation Of Noteworthy Talents

The notable showcase festival ESNS gives upcoming artists the opportunity to display their talents in the Dutch city Groningen and if in luck, be booked for festival giants like Rock am Ring, Glastonbury, Primavera or The Great Escape. Ahead of the new edition, Anna Stich selected eight female(-fronting) acts who have made the most out of their performance at ESNS.

“Always Chasing The Next Thing“: An Evening At The Pitchfork Berlin Premiere

The renowned Pitchfork Festival series has at last reached our German capital (and NBHAP headquarter) so we took the opportunity to catch up with Bay Area’s ravishing indie outfit Fake Fruit and New York City-based synth-pop-trio Nation Of Language to talk about the euphoria of live music, post-pandemic music industry and their budding pop careers. Time for an introduction.
Weyes Blood (Credit: Naceil Krug)

Truth Seeker: Weyes Blood On Guiding Lights In Dark Times

Seeking truth in times of disillusionment, Natalie Mering aka Weyes Blood has been navigating through this feeling of pervasive uncertainty in recent years building the cornerstone of her latest album "And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow" by exploring dark and existential themes of human connection. The emotional weight and intimacy that run through the ten new tracks do not seek immediate answers, as our conversation with the L.A. based singer-songwriter reveals.

When Fantasy Hits Reality: Lover Buffet’s Infectious Retro Pop

There’s a new up and coming star in the skies of Berlin’s DIY underground scene. On “Just Fantasy” Lover Buffet reflects on emotional breakdowns and hope in times of despair with an old Yamaha synth playing a crucial part in all of this. Get to know them right here.
Singer Evin is reclining on a chair. Dressed in white against a white cloth backdrop. Her hair is braided she looks into the camera.

Weyes Blood, EVÎN , John Moods, And More: NBHAP’s November Favorites

Every month, we publish a round up of reviews of recent releases that moved us in the past weeks. These are personal takes on hand-curated gems our team dug up (and the occasional chart topper). This time with First Aid Kit, Phoenix, The Haunted Youth, John Moods, Warhaus, Weyes Blood, Bad Hammer and EVÎN. Which one is your favorite?
Singer Naari in a Medium Close Up. She is looking directly at the camera. It's in black and white.

Finding Confidence in Berlin: Naari Releases Her Self-Titled Debut

There is a new voice coming from the depth of Berlin’s indie circles. The New Delhi-born and Berlin-based singer Naari releases her self-titled debut earlier this month. This week we are introducing Naari and spoke to the singer about moving to Berlin, community, and love.

“The Muse Within”: Warhaus Finds Redemption On His Journey Inward

It has been a solid five-year wait ever since the sophomore release of the Balthazar-associated solo act of the Belgian musician. “Ha Ha Heartbreak” marks a new chapter for Warhaus, stripping off the character he designed of himself, digging into existential doubts and pining over a broken love relationship, making his transformation a highly enjoyable symphony between melancholic gusts and groovy episodes.