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Freedom Dreaming Alongside Orishas In A Brownstone: aja monet’s Blues Poetry

"when the poems do what they do" is the title of the debut record by poet and organizer aja monet and it takes us on a musical and lyrical journey of what words can do. From ancestry to political activism and vulnerable self-expression, the record is a document of the true power of poetry and jazz. In our conversation, aja shares detailed insights about the visions behind it.

The Echo Of Fascination: Meeting Lore Vain

Rebranding indie-rock with velvety vocals and dreamy guitars, Berlin-based artist Lore Vain is stepping into a brand new era with her upcoming album "Agony The Muse". With an emphasis on the importance of creative control, she talks to us about writing in different languages and the magic of finding her own sound.

Beyond the Coded Binaries: Follow the Cyborg with Miss Grit

The artist Margaret Sohn releases their debut LP as Miss Grit. Using the creative alter ego to explore boundary breaking sounds and concepts of futuristic technology, the world they create is as unique as it is intriguing. This week we delve into their sound and update our Introducing playlist with brand new songs by artists like mui zyu, Hand Habits, Alaska Reid and more.

Callum Pitt, Hak Baker, Sivu, M. Byrd, Olivia Dean: Our June Favourites

Every end of the month we are releasing a round-up of reviews of recent releases that moved us the most. These are the personal takes on hand-curated gems our team dug up (and the occasional chart topper), this time with artist Callum Pitt, Hak Baker, Sivu, M. Byrd and Olivia Dean. Which will be your favourite?

Give Up Or Go Your Own Way: Circling In The Triumphant Tale Of Mary Anne’s Polar Rig

The Swedish duo is one of the latest buzzing acts of the newcomer scene from Malmö and made a blasted return with their sophomore record this spring. NBHAP editor Andreas caught up with them for their Berlin appearance earlier in June to chat about passion for what they do, the process of evolving and essential priorities in the music business.

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