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May We Reclaim Our Voices: Laura Carbone Writes About “Tuesday”

The alternative singer Laura Carbone is a NBHAP regular and back now with another release. The gloomy "Tuesday" is the latest single and it embodies a transformative experience of letting out female rage. In this guest article, Laura writes about the creation of the song from the first drone guitar sounds recorded in her bedroom to screaming her heart out in the studio.

“Queer Visibility Saved My Life”: Sedric Perry on Music as a Healing Vehicle

The singer Sedric Perry released the playful songs "It Girl" and "Papi Champu" earlier this year. They are a celebration of queerness and a return to finding healing and joy in music after dark times. In this week's feature, Sedric Perry talks about fucking with gender norms, finding his place in community and the music that shaped him.

Love, Loss, and “the Duality of It All”: McKinley Dixon on “Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!?”

McKinley Dixon released his fourth full-length record "Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!?" in June of 2023. The album is named after the (unofficial) Beloved-trilogy by US-American author Toni Morrison and, similarly to the themes of the novels, explores feelings of love, loss, and pain found in the Black experience. NBHAP editor Felicia had the chance to sit down with the New York-based rapper to talk about family, the Harlem Renaissance, and remembrance.

A Full Circle Moment: Priya Ragu On Working With Family On “SANTHOSAM”

The Swiss-Tamil singer Priya Ragu brings back Raguwavy with her sophomore album “SANTHOSAM”. On it, she reconnects with family and celebrates her roots. We spoke to the singer about her musical journey, the role of spirituality, and music as resistance to societal pressure and discrimination.

In Full Bloom: Maria Basel Talks About the Therapeutic Power of Songwriting

The singer and pianist from Wuppertal, Maria Basel released her debut record "Bloom", on which she blends classical influences with pop, electronic and RnB. In this week's Introducing feature, she talks about how her classical background shaped her understanding of music and the therapeutic aspect of songwriting. Check out the playlist update with quiet indie folk and pop gems linked below.

All About Love: Teachings of Surrender With Jamila Woods On “Water Made Us”

The Chicago-based singer and poet Jamila Woods released her third LP "Water Made Us". Jamila Woods examines love and surrender documenting her process of learning and unlearning, musically and lyrically. Inspired by spirituality and backed by the legacy of Black artists, the new album is the most intimate so far.

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