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Beyond Genre: OFF Festival Curates An International Line-Up of Various Sounds

The Katowice-based music event OFF Festival gathers international talent from a diverse range of genres. This year, photographer Paulina Leśna will attend to report from the festival grounds in August 2023. Ahead of the festival, Paulina shares recommendations and insights into the line-up's acts to look out for.

Combativa Y Revindicativa: Santa Salut on Oldschool Rap, Multilingualism and Empowerment

The Catalonian rapper Santa Salut uses a triad of languages to express her emotions. Between radically political and deeply personal, she draws on Oldschool rap influences. In conversation with NBHAP, the 24-year-old talks about her love for rap, the meaning of multilingual art, and mythological sources of inspiration. Catch her live in Berlin on June 16th.

Having A Voice and Being A Voice: The XJAZZ! Experience With Dumama

Berlin-based sound artist and singer Dumama has a special relationship to XJAZZ!. Following the event in May, Dumama now shares a live video of their performances. Working with the body and voice as modes of tapping into ancestral vibrations, Dumama collaborates with many artists across Berlin's boundary-pushing music scene. Read her personal reflections on the festival below.

On Top Of The Monolith: Squid Redefine Contemporary Guitar Rock On “O Monolith”

While we were pretty blown away by Squid's magnificent "Bright Green Field" during the spring of 2021, the UK rock sensation already had the follow-up in mind. Now the adventurous group returns with the fruits of lockdown labour, resulting in an even bolder and more emotional record. "O Monolith" is not an easy record - but these aren't easy times anyway. NBHAP author Norman took a closer look at it.
The artist at a live show. She is sitting behind a desk and laptop. Projections of green-blue water textures cover the stage.

Wired: Portrait XO On The Intersections Of Artificial Intelligence And Creativity

Will Artificial Intelligence replace humans in the creative process? Experimental sound artist Portrait XO collaborated with an AI in the recording process of her debut album "WIRE". Anna Grubauer met the artist to speak about AI in the music and art world and to discuss questions of how it might enrich or endanger artistic expression.

Drawn By The Tides: Vargkvint On The Mysteries Of The Moon And The Ocean

The Swedish singer and stop-motion animator, Vargkvint just released her sophomore record via LEITER. "Månens hav" is an ambient composition of songs that have a highly conceptual character. Tracing the connections between the moon, the ocean, and humanity, we peel back the instrumental layers of the album in our extended conversation with the artist.

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