warpaint-heads-up-artworkWarpaint – ‘Heads Up’

Released on: Rough Trade Records

Sounds like: The four ladies finally found a way to include their love for R&B and urban music sounds into the WARPAINT psychedelic rock cosmos; a bit like a dark-twisted version of HAIM.

Recommended because: Heads Up introduces us to a surprising direction for the group. While the lead single New Song offered almost a bit too much pop, the rest of the third WARPAINT full-length surprises with a certain clarity, love for bass-driven R&B grooves and sensual pop harmonies. Tracks like Don’t Wanna and Dre might also work for FKA TWIGS. It’s quite possibly the catchiest WARPAINT LP so far but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it.

Songs to check out: New Song, The Stall, Dre, Above Control

tiger-lou-the-wound-dresserTiger Lou – ‘The Wound Dresser’

Released on: Startracks

Sounds like: The long awaited return of your early 20s indie-rock love, including all the drama, good memories and new elements. Or in TIGER LOU definitions: somewhere between Is My Head Still On? and The Loyal

Recommended because: Rasmus Kellerman hasn’t lost his magic to write heart-wrenching little anthems with the difference that his first LP in 8 years lacks of former heaviness and sounds like he found a healthy amount of inner peace. It’s a fresh mixture between nostalgia and new beginning. More on this in our recent story feature.

Songs to check out: Homecoming #2, The Wound Dresser, So Many Dynamos

merchandise-a-corpse-wired-for-soundMerchandise – ‘A Corpse Wired For Sound’

Released on: 4AD

Sounds like: A sinister reminiscence to the glory days of 80s dark wave rock. For those of you who are looking for a 2016 update of bands like THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS, ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN.

Recommended because: The band around charismatic frontman Carson Cox combines the best of the past and the present as they create a hypnotic soundtrack for the approaching autumn season. From anthem-like power shoegaze (Flower Of Sex) to noisy industrial moments (End Of The Week): MERCHANDISE celebrate the ugly beauty that can come with a certain edginess. A Corpse Wired For Sound is bittersweet pleasure.

Songs to check out: Flower of Sex, End Of The Week, Shadow Of The Truth

how-to-dress-well-care-artworkHow To Dress Well – ‘Care’

Released on: Domino Records

Sounds like: A soft cloud of cotton candy where you can fall in deep. A light and perfect soundtrack for late summer days! The singer’s fragile voice will take you high, the decent production will give you some chills.

Recommended because: Tom Krell might be one of the most authentic singers nowadays. While most of his genre-colleagues search strenght in being mysterious and untouchable, the singer takes his power by showing vulnerability. Care is lighter than its predecessors, more pop, but it makes you dream all the time. Look at the delicate colours of the album’s cover art: that’s how it sounds.

Songs to check out: Can’t You Tell, Lost You/Lost Youth, The Ruins

merchandise-a-corpse-wired-for-soundHydrogen Sea – ‘In Dreams’

Released on: Unday Records

Sounds like: Spherical dreampop with a dark-twisted mixture of M83, SUSANNE SUNDFØR, LITTLE DRAGON with an undeniable love for catchy melodies.

Recommended because: We first fell in love with Birsen Uçar and Pieterjan Seaux aka HYDROGEN SEA back at this year’s Eurosonic festival in Groningen and our fire for them is still burning strong after listening to In Dreams. Their debut full-length delivers floating electro-pop with references to 80s wave, PORTISHEAD-like trip-hop and many of those sinister things. Catchy and mysterious with state-of-the-art production for those of you who like pop with intelligent design.

Songs to check out: Beating Heart, In Dreams, Walk Away Now