It’s a weird thing when a ‘lost’ song from an important musical period in your life suddenly shows up and creates a feeling that is simultaneously new and familar. It’s a bit like meeting someone for the first time and suddenly realizing like you’ve known each other for years. That’s a bit what’s about to happen here as beloved Swedish songwriter Rasmus Kellerman opens his personal treasure box to unravel a previously unreleased Tiger Lou song that dates back to 2004/2005. Not Dead Anymore happened during the same time like the band’s debut album Is My Head Still On? and the critically acclaimed follow-up The Loyal as Kellerman confirms to us:

“Not Dead Anymore is a special song. I first recorded it during the Is My Head Still On sessions. It sounded exactly like Placebo, or trying to anyways! So I left it off, but it lingered on for some reason. So when we did The Loyal, I recorded it again, slowed it down, made it a little more gentle. But it still didn’t feel right so it passed into the realms of the long lost and forgotten. Now, I love him for what it represents.”

So, yeah as you can seee it was about time for the uploading indie-rock tune to finally see the light of day. As we’re previously reported via our exclusive interview feature Tiger Lou will re-release their 2003 debut EP Trouble & Desire on May 31, along with B-Sides and two previously unreleased tracks, one of them being Not Dead Anymore. So, without further ado please welcome this old friend you’ve never seen before but you’ll probably love straight away.