justice-woman-artworkJustice – ‘Woman’

Released on: Because Music

Sounds like: Once again, the electronic soundscape JUSTICE pull you into is filled with spacious as well as spot-on grooves that feel like the soundtrack for the perfect night out.

Recommended because: Even after a couple of years of silence JUSTICE still know how to make their magic work. This time, the French duo even invites a choir and orchestra to their sonic realm that is both, seductive and impelling at the same time. Instead of a big progrock-indie-atmosphere, they create a disco vibe that plays with synth-pop-tunes and funky elements throughout the album. It’s not as much of an attack as their previous work Audio, Video, Disco – but it doesn’t have to be in order to get you moving and ready for the next banger. The more contemplative moments add a sweet tone to Woman and let the duo step away from the intensity they know to create so wel, giving the album a more hopeful and uplifting spirit. (Annett)

Songs to check out: Alakazam!, Stop, Randy

buttering-trio-artworkButtering Trio – ‘Threesome’

Released on: Raw Tapes/ Groove Attack

Sounds like: Threesome combines and compliments the new and the old. Electronics and synths keep the rhythm and funky beat, nodding to young and upcoming artists such as Ben Muarry-Smith and GLASS ANIMALS; yet it also has an almost nostalgic feel created by the soulful undertones and brass arrangement that are as skillful and poised as the likes of Al Green.

Recommended because: To put this album and indeed, BUTTERING TRIO themselves, into just one category or genre, would be an incredibly difficult task. Funky, psychedelic, jazzy and just god damn groovy, Threesome has a refreshing and indescribable sound that is impressive for a band only really just beginning their career. Walking with a pair of headphones on, bopping to the beat or dancing the night away, this album and this bloody beautiful band always create the right ombience. Snoop Dog said of the band that they are, ‘dope as fuck’ and to be frank, I don’t think I could have put it better myself. (Anastasia)

Songs to check out: Love in Music, Unexperienced, Dig Deep

laurel-park-artworkLaurel – ‘Park EP’

Released on: Counter Records

Sounds like: Smokey, mysterious, and introspective vocal musings. Simple, but smart guitar-driven instrumentals. An inter-generational conversation about aesthetics.

Recommended because: After a steady stream of singles and EPs from LAUREL over the past several years, the young singer-songwriter-producer is clearly on the path to developing a mature and individualistic sound. One might hear her name and think of artists like LORDE, BANKS, and KELELA, but we see the artist integrating her folk roots with a general millennial sentiment and distancing herself from the referentiality and eponymous branding of other single-name acts. (Jesse)

Songs to check out: Hurricane, Too Far

pc-music-vol-2Various Artists – ‘PC Music Vol .2’

Released on: PC Music

Sounds like: Accelerated over-the-top bubblegum pop, riding on a superficial wave of high-speed craziness. It’s an effective mixture between EDM, 90s Eurotrash and K-Pop, successfully avoiding any depth and edges.

Recommended because:The label’s intention to record truly shallow electropop with a lot of heart and passion alone deserves respect. PC Music’s sounds are so obviously heading towards the mainstream that it’s quite surprising that they are still a hidden insider tip for hipster. The boundaries between art, irony and honesty have washed away, the result is an exciting mixture that adventurously combines Western Pop with influences from Japan, Korea and beyond. The sound of PC Music might be too much to take for most of you but within that challenge lies its biggest appeal. (Norman)

Songs to check out: EASYFUN – Monopoly (feat. Noonie Bao), HANNAH DIAMOND – Hi, DANNY L HARLE – Broken Flowers

urban-homes-jams-artworkUrban Homes – ‘Jams’

Released on: Altin Village & Mine

Sounds like: Academic but at the same time effortless. Warm, passionate, and atmospheric. A perfect combination. Reminiscient of the heyday of the beloved 80s extended mix, Jams sounds like an adventure trip exploring the history of dance music, done by lovers of electronic dance music for lovers of electronic dance music.

Recommended because: It’s precisely with their new record Jams that we can truly tell URBAN HOMES have a come a long way. Considering that the Cologne- and Berlin-based three-piece sort of started out as a post rock formation, it is only reasonable that on their first full-length album they get rid of classic pop song structures and instead dig deep and explore the history of electronic dance music while at the same time creating a sound scape of their own. Moreover, it is fascinating to hear how the 13 songs develop, how, by repeated listening, the whole record starts to bloom. You could either pay attention and kind of detect how detailed and sophisticated the sound on Jams is or get lost in the warm and gentle atmosphere the album unveils. Both is possible and either make this collection of jams an incredible listening experience. (Chris)

Songs to check out: Heat in the Streets (Hectic Jam), Diggin’ Deep (Luv Jam), Rhythm Lovers (Je t’aime Jam)