sleigh-bells-jessica-rabbit-artworkSleigh Bells – ‘Jessica Rabbit’

Released on: Torn Clean/Lucky Number/Rough Trade

Sounds like: I hate comparisons to 1990s coming-of-age movies but this sounds like one of those Julia Stiles coming of age movies. In the best possible way. The beginning of anger. It combines pop, rock and is definitely the record to inspire you not to text that Ex.

Recommended because: The fourth LP by the Brooklyn-based duo lifts out so noisy. The opening electric guitar strums combined with some hospital-like machinery beep makes you just listen. It’s bizarre. It’s different. But it’s good. The title of a sexy cartoon character -ask any 20-something how they felt when they watched Roger Rabbit – with the noise infused wall it presents is an oxymoron. Throw Me Down The Stairs is somewhat surprising as an exploding and exciting sound. It grabs you and drags you under into some hybrid between noise, emotion and a not-giving-a-single-damn. (Hannah)

Songs to check out: Torn Clean, I Can’t Stand You Anymore, Rule Number One

sleigh-bells-jessica-rabbit-artworkKonni Kass – ‘Haphe’

Released on: Tutl / Cargo Records

Sounds like: Your new favourite when it comes to melancholic and tender Scandinavian music; a sensual and soulful selection of sparkling little indie-pop gems.

Recommended because: Faroese-born songwriter KONNI KASS and her band deliver just the sweet and honest album you’ll need on a cold winter day. Haphe is packed with a lot of tender highlights whose honest inconspicuousness remains their biggest strength. From the tender saxophone-driven Surrender to the sweet lullaby Time with its grooving twist at the end: this album is a hidden treasure full of authentic beauty; one that needs to be discovered by the world. Especially right now. (Norman)

Songs to check out: I Lie, Make Me Forget, Time

lint-2016-album-coverLínt – ‘Then They Came For Us’

Released on: popup-records

Sounds like: A really powerful twist to the often ethereal post-rock-sound. Imagine EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY meet MEW.

Recommended because: Sometimes it’s just the right time and place for a certain style of music. And there’s definitely no better season than autumn, close to winter, for a well crafted post-rock record. Luckily, the German label popup-records gave LÍNT’s Then They Came For Us a re-release for the German market and reminded us of its beauty. Then They Came For Us is a really impressive blend of the instrumental greats of the genre from EITS to MOGWAI and the typical Scandinavian pop twist to post-rock with its song and melody-orientation in the tradition of MEW. (Henning)

Songs to check out: Mierka, Trips, Then They Came For Us

Bamboo Diner in the RainThe Wave Pictures – ‘Bamboo Diner in the Rain’

Released on: Moshi Moshi

Sounds like: Music that’s been played in a smoky club, down in the basement, after way too many pints and far away from the accelerated modern society.

Recommended because: Despite pretty much constantly releasing records for almost twenty years, Wymeswold-based THE WAVE PICTURES are still an insider tip in the British indie scene. Maybe it’s because they prefer to seek inspiration in the rock’n roll and blues sounds of America. Bamboo Diner In The Rain feels like an odd, heavily old-fashioned piece of lo-fi indie blues-rock, that is not interested in contemporay zeitgeist hypes and therefor manages to stay authentic, egdy and human. (Norman)

Songs to check out: Now I Want To Hoover My Brain Clean, Hot Little Hand, The Running Man

welcome-to-sidewaysSimian Mobile Disco – ‘Welcome To Sideways’

Released on: Delicacies

Sounds like: Pure techno music essence, reducing it’s raving energy to a minimum, celebrating efficiency and somehow also purity without any commercial approach.

Recommended because: Following their succesful start during the short lasting ‘Nu Rave’ movement ten years ago James Ford and Jas Shaw (Remember indie disco hits Hustler, Curel Intentions?) haven’t slowed down, they just took their SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO project away from the eyes of the hipster public. They show no interest anymore in celebrity guest features and album No. 5, Welcome To Sideways continues their path to make no compromises. It’s a straight forward techno record, one for the clubs, with retro-esque Detroit-vibes, hard kicks, ryhthmic claps and perfectly placed small synthesizer patterns. (Norman)

Songs to check out: It’s actually highly recommended to listen to this one as a whole. There’s even a highly effective mixed version.