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Release-Date: 29.08.2014
Label: Stargazer Records

01. All The Bells
02. Heat Seeking Help
03. Numb Myself With Guilt
04. My Trenches
05. New Year’s Blood
06. With Daggers
07. White Cuts
08. My Hero Is Leaving


NBHAP Rating: 3,5/5


Malmö D.C.
Take any genre you like: from sugary pop, mesmerizing folk, decent electro, dreamy post-rock to last but not least real bigmouth rockstars – you can find great artists of every shade in Sweden. And now there’s AHRM: three DC post-hardcore-socialized guys from Malmö. Can anyone tell me why there’s at least one good band for every genre in this country?

Legitimate Descendants of Post-Hardcore
It’s a brave statement to make but especially if you concentrate on the first seconds of All The Bells you might get what I’m talking about. AT THE DRIVE-IN anyone? Extroverted shouts, aggressive guitars and the sense that things are always on the edge of getting a little out of hand are quite reminiscent of the Texan’s creative chaos. What a pleasure. And lately it’s the passion that binds it all together.

There’s a certain amount of musical limitation in post-punk and hardcore. So if you want to keep the listener entertained you’d have to be really good, find your own ways to surprise dynamically. You can’t really expect that from a debut album and AHRM do indeed lack some ideas in that field. Which isn’t that severe, as AHRM comes with short songs in a fast tempo.

AHRM‘s debut is a largely impressive fist-in-the-air-record, meant for small stages and reminiscent of the real good post-hardcore-material.