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Alt-J - This Is All Yours - Cover

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This Is All Yours
Release-Date: 22.09.2014
Label: Infectious Music
01. Intro
02. Arrival In Nara
03. Nara
04. Every Other Freckle
05. Left Hand Free
06. Garden Of England
07. Choice Kingdom
08. Hunger Of The Pine
09. Warm Foothills
10. Gospel Of The John Hurt
11. Pusher
12. Bloodflood Pt II
13. Leaving Nara

NBHAP Rating: 4/5

Still the same as a trio

You could think that the departure of Gwil Sainsbury- founding member and guitarist- changed ALT-J‘s musical style dramatically. But actually it didn’t – there is still their typical polyphony, Joe Newmans sometimes warped voice, well calculated drops with little thrilling breaks and inconvenient sounds. It only seems like they’re experimenting a bit more.


As we know, ALT-J like to mix unusual sounds and try new stuff out. In Hunger Of The Pine they’re using the ‘I’m a female rebel’ line from a MILEY CYRUS song 4×4, because they like it in this new relation. Left Hand Free is an ode to American truckers which deviates from their usual sound: it’s a stereotypical guitar-song that was written in twenty minutes. And Garden Of England is a pure instrumental song consisting of almost annoying flutes (or something similar).


Arrival In Nara is a slow and melancholic piano song, Every Other Freckle a more driving and lighter one, Left Hand Free a happy and clichéd guitar track and Warm Foothills a brighter piece featuring whistling and a woman’s voice. Contrasts run through the album, but nevertheless they somehow seem to belong together – already a short glance at This Is All Yours tracklist confirms this.


Even as a trio ALT-J manage it to create a second record with success potential. On ‘This Is All Yours’ they keep their typical style: they’re using opposites and experiment a lot but still deliver a thought-out and mature overall structure.