It has now been (almost) exactly one month since we last brought you our set of songs from Nordic By Nature and STIM‘s Amazing Sweden playlist, and unsurprisingly, the time has come again. Scroll down that page, and get familiar with three of the best Swedish tracks to have wandered into our hearing range over the past month.

Photo: Inez Gustav Jönsson

Photo: Inez Gustav Jönsson

When MOON CITY BOYS first came to attention with the Rockets/Stranger split single about a year ago, their style dealt in scrappy, fuzzy, melodic rock, reminiscent of LOU REED‘s looser compositions. Since then, they’ve tightened things up considerably, and their latest single Delta Love is a razor-sharp piece of post-punk. Delta Love is not a song that meanders or fucks around: all the individual elements of this song are locked in tightly to one another, every note and drumbeat precision-crafted to create a lean, gripping rock song. It will be interesting to see how they handle the stylistic range in their music on their debut album I Need More, out on June 3rd.

Humfree Bug Art

Swedish group HUMFREE BUG ART were in the process of making their debut record when they hit a slight snag: They stopped speaking to one another. Eventually, they worked their way back into some form of communication and managed to finish the album, and that resulted in new single Eyeknees. It’s a piece of trippy pysch-pop, vaguely reminiscent of bands like MGMT and PASSION PIT. It’s part of their new album Nuthin/Sumthin, out now on Stranger’s Candy.

Tiger Lou - 2015 - Mathias Johansson

Photo by Mathias Johansson

Well, and last but not least we’d like to remind you once again that beloved Swedish songwriter Rasmus Kellerman and his group TIGER LOU released a new single last week. The powerful Leap Of Love is another teaser for the anticipated comeback album The Wound Dresser which arrives on September 23. It’s still a long way to go til this happens but like Kellerman sings in the new song: ‘Every little step is a leap of love’ and we truly love to have these guys back around after an almost eight-year-long break.