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ANE BRUNSongs 2003-2013

There is no voice in the folk world today that has purer beauty of singer-songwriter ANE BRUN. Adding to the impacted of her vocals is poetic nature of her lyrical content. Though Brun’s 2011 album It All Starts With One gained international acclaim most outside of Scandinavia would be surprised to learn that ANE BRUN has an impressive 8 albums, including one a collection of ducts under her belt. It is this sizable body of work that displays her diverse talent as songwriter, guitarist and vocalist and illustrates her influence on so many indie-folk artists. This year marks the ten anniversary of ANE BRUN’s first album Spending Time With Morgan and to celebrate she has released a retrospective compilation album on her own label Balloon Ranger Recording.

In her new Thirty-two track compilation Songs 2003-2013, ANE BRUN beautifully mixes classic songs, rare unreleased tracks, live recordings, new material and some truly impressive cover songs. This ecollectic mix features not only ANE BRUN’s favorites tracks but fan picks as well and is brought together stunningly by the unique quality of her voice. Among the covers are CYNDI LAUPER’s True Colors, ALPHAVILLE’s Big in Japan, ARCADE FIRE’s Neighbourhood and NINA SIMONE’s Feeling Good. It’s ANE BRUN’s fresh interpretation of these tracks that gives them a new-found significance for the listeners. There is also a re-mastered version of her own classic song This Voice that give it whole new feel from the 2011 original. Also featured on the album is a number of ducts most notably a stirring rendition of Don’t Give Up with PETER GABRIEL. It is this assorted blend of tracks that showcases BRUN’s talent as a singer and gives the album a quality that appeals to diehard fans and newcomers alike.

One listen to Songs 2003-2013 and it’s clear that ANE BRUN is a truly underrated artist that deserves international notoriety. ANE BRUN stands out as a key influence on the recent influx of Scandinavian indie-folk bands from NIKI AND THE DOVE to FIRST AID KIT. In addition to that compilation fans can also look forward to a short film called One based on the music from her last album It All Starts With One and a winter tour. Hopefully Songs 2003-2013 will propel ANE BRUN into global fame where she belongs.

ANE BRUNSongs 2003-2013 – Tracklist

[one_half last=”no”]CD 1
1. Humming One Of Your Songs
2. Are They Saying Goodbye?
3. My Lover Will Go
4. To Let Myself Go
5. Temporary Dive
6. Song No.6
7. Rubber & Soul
8. The Dancer [Live]
9. The Puzzle
10. The Treehouse Song
11. Changing Of The Seasons
12. Gillian
13. Don’t Leave
14. True Colors
15. Big In Japan

[one_half last=”yes”]CD 2
1. Ten Seconds [Sketches Version]
2. Lullaby For Grown-Ups [Sketches Version]
3. My Star [Live]
4. Lift Me [Live]
5. The Fall [Live]
6. Don’t Give Up
7. Do You Remember
8. These Days
9. Worship
10. One
11. Oh Love
12. Undertow
13. Du GrÅter SÅ Store TÅra
14. Alfonsina Y El Mar
15. Neighborhood #1 [Tunnels]
16. This Voice 2013
17. Feeling Good