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Karin Park - Apocalypse Pop

NBHAP Rating: 3,7/5


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Pseudo Visions

Release-Date: 06.11.2015
Label: Sinnbus

01. Scandinavian Love
02. Brotherhood
03. Kiddo
04. Dark Child
5. Moonia
6. R Y B
7. Unfollow
8. The Love You Have In You
9. Skywalker
10. Body Of Work
11. Call Me By My Name
12. Tokyo Kyoto



Softer in more ways

On his first LP Sunken Ships the singer already made it clear what his artistry is about: love, tragedy and a bit of hope. A cure for it all is moving. It was a dance record of a very special genre, mixed with a bit of light electronica and indie-elements. Psuedo Visions continues this ride by adding one massive part to its music: conemporary pop. Do not worry, the blonde performer did not create some dull candy record. However, it is sweater than the forerunner. Still edgy, but lighter. Eventually to get into a more pop-orientated crowd.

Addicted to sweat

One thing which constantly is a part of ASBJØRN’s tunes is the inescapable desire to dance, without being forced to some heavy synths or disco blasts. Rather like a private party in your head than an overfilled club, Pseudo Visions consists of many decent hip shakers. Not only the performer himself cannot stop moving in his videos, listeners will follow. With tracks like Scandinavian Love or Brotherhood he did no wrong, the first might even be the heaviest dance number among them all. Another catcher is Body Of Work, a romantic and honest piano ballad. The title plays interestingly with the lable name the artist works with.

Refrehment with traditional concept

Fans of the charismatic singer are up to date when it comes to his art, the lyrics and stories are based on himself, the struggles love puts him through and how to deal with growing into the person he wants to become. Emotions are the main subject of the LP. Still, ASBJØRN has a talent for creating the obvious in something deeper, darker and more mysterious than it actually is. Music is about illusion and he knows how to work with it. Pseudo Visions is a collection of modern, individual pop music with attitude.

With ASBJØRN’s second album we found a diamond – still rough in some places, but already shiny and new. Still, beware of the glam: there are plenty of diamonds in the mine, it is about uniqueness!

NBHAP presents: Asbjørn on tour

05.11.2015 – DE – Berlin – Berghain Kantine
06.11.2015 – DE – Essen – Hotel Shanghai
08.11.2015 – DE – Köln – Artheater
09.11.2015 – DE – München – Milla
10.11.2015 – CH – Bern – Mahagony Hall
11.11.2015 – CH – Zürich – Exil
12.11.2015 – DE – Nürnberg – Club Stereo