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Ballet School - 'The Dew Lasts An Hour'

[one_half last=”yes”]BALLET SCHOOL
The Dew Lasts An Hour

Release-Date: 05.09.2014
Label: Bella Union

01. Slow Dream
02. Pale Saint
03. Ghost
04. Heliconia
05. Lux
06. Gray
07. Heartbeat Overdrive
08. Cherish
09. Jade
10. All Things Return At Night
11. Yaoi
12. Crush (Alternative)

NBHAP Rating: 2/5


Believe the hype… maybe

The initial position for the BALLET SCHOOL debut isn’t the worst. After a few quite catchy singles the debut LP unfolds itself as a perfectly produced piece of 80s wave pop. Slick, to the point and with barely any edges. In fact, every song seems to use similar drum, guitar and synthesizers sounds. You can call that ‘trademark sound’ … well, or a bit harmless.

More fillers than killers

The entire album pervades a feeling of indetermination. Sadly, the previously known singles like Ghost, Crush or the catchy 80s pop groove of Heartbeat Overdrive remain the highlights, the rest feels like a rag rug. Supposed ballads like Gray and Lux dabble along with no structure or idea besides a few riff ideas. And why the hell closes a mediocre ballad version of Crush the record. Where’s the powerful original?

Separated shapes

The main problem is that the single elements only barely work together as a unity. Rosie Blair’s voice might be technical good but is too virtuosic for the radio-friendly wave pop of BALLET SCHOOL. Far too often her high voice cracks and tries too hard to switch octaves to maybe save the lack of creativity within the songs. As slick as the production is – it’s also lacking of soul and authenticity. Just compare the LP mix of All Things Return At Night with the 2-year-old original and you’ll get an idea.

‘The Dew Lasts An Hour’ shows far too little of BALLET SCHOOL‘s potential while loosing itself in a soulless production, unbalanced songs and ill-conceived ideas.