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Basement Jaxx - Junto

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Release-Date: 29.08.2014
Label: PIAS

01. Intro
02. Power to the People
03. Unicorn
04. Never Say Never
05. We Are Not Alone
06. What’s The News
07. Summer Dem
08. Buffalo
09. Rock This Road
10. Sneakin’ Toronto
11. Something About You
12. Mermaid of Salinas
13. Love Is At Your Side

NBHAP Rating: 3,5/5


Twenty years and counting

Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe celebrate two decades of crowd-pleasing dance music this year. They might have never been as big as THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS but their first album in five years shows that they haven’t lost the touch on contemporary trend. Well, or better said; they just returned right in time for their own revival.



Big house beats, soulful vocals and catchy piano riffs. BASEMENT JAXX resemble their own past just in time for the current 90s revival. They might be the father generation of bands like DISCLOSURE but tracks like Unicorn or Never Say Never prove that they could stick up with the current generation of house music producers.


Glorifying Commercialization

Still, the music of Junto is not material for dark techno clubs and fans of reduced and complex structured electronic music. BASEMENT JAXX are big players of their game, providing hands up dance music with multiple influences (just take the funky Summer Dem). This might work great in front of 10.000 people at a festival and still it sounds way better than 90% of all ‘EDM’-acts.


BASEMENT JAXX return in form. ‘Junto’ is a stylish mixture of high gloss electronic grooves for every devoted dancer out there.