Europe's Best Big Sized Festivals 2014

Let’s face it, the summer season’s made for festivals. Revellers, you know the drill, you’ve got the kit: you know what to take, what to avoid, year in year out you and your mates have got everything planned to a T. But for those not so in the know, listen up. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION has gone on quite the mission to scratch together the best European festivals for you. Our Best Small Sized Festivals detailed all those that offer you that tight-knit community feel, the Best Mid Sized Festivals list was all about the setting and location and this newest instalment here highlights organisers pulling out the stops: its all about the impressive facilities, crowd-pleasing headliners and array of attractions. From Ferris wheels and funfairs to comedy, theatre and dance tents, the options are a plenty! Click through the pages below and take your pick of Europe’s Best Big Sized Festivals; it’s gonna be one unforgettable summer!

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