black rebel motorcycle club - 2013

black rebel motorcycle club - specter at the feast - album cover


1. Fire Walker
2. Let The Day Begin
3. Returning
4. Lullaby
5. Hate The Taste
6. Rival
7. Teenage Disease
8. Some Kind of Ghost
9. Sometimes The Light
10. Funny Games
11. Sell It
12. Lose Yourself

BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB release their highly anticipated sixth studio album Specter At The Feast via Abstract Dragon Records on March 22nd. Following 2010’s Beat The Devil’s Tattoo, the new release is the latest addition to their acclaimed discography, which began with their seminal debut B.R.M.C. in 2001. The band will also embark on a six-date UK tour, beginning on 24th March at Manchester’s HMV Ritz. Since the band’s debut release in 2001 BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB have released five highly regarded studio albums, released two live DVD’s including 2010’s Live in London and toured relentlessly across the world.

The notoriously mysterious trio remains true to its sonic template – fuzzy guitars, blues licks, atmospheric feedback – yet drew inspiration from a very different place for this new release. In August 2010, the band unexpectedly and tragically lost someone they often referred to as their fourth member, Michael Been, also bassist Robert Been’s father.

After taking some time off, BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB returned to their roots, their love of making music, and recall their very first album as a reference. They recorded the majority of the album at Dave Grohl’s studio in LA on the same console that is featured in Grohl’s upcoming Sound City: The Movie documentary (also the same board they recorded their debut album on). Additional recording was done in Joshua Tree, CA at the infamous Rancho De La Luna Studio before they ventured to Robert Been’s hometown of Santa Cruz, CA to record the rest of the album.

“This record took a long time to pull together,” explains Robert. “I think we all reached the breaking point after our last tour and needed to step back for a bit. These songs brought us back to life and gave us a second chance. I’ve never been more excited to play an album live before, these songs were born to be loud”

Track by track this album is full of sense and darkness, but with another point of view: hope. Great bass lines walks along the songs and guitars mix different textures to create a great ambience to this song. ‘Let the day begin’ is the first single of the records (available free download in their official web), a great rock’n’roll song following their 1st album sound, captivate us from their begin and then explodes to a huge chorus. This album explores all history of BRMC sound and becomes a new step to their career.