The Ticket - Blood Orange 2

#SNEAKERSWOULD vol 2. The invitation we got in our hands invited us on an exclusive gig with KINDNESS and BLOOD ORANGE, in Table Dance Club ‘Golden Dolls’. After reading this, you only expect eccentricity and widespread erotism. So we were kinda prepared. Wednesday night and we got our sneakers out to dance. Walking down the underground Potsdamerstraße, looking for the golden dolls and playing guessing games if the smart dressed trio in front of us also got THE TICKET for the second Converse gig, in Berlin. Lights flashing in this interesting part of the town that is a mix of intellectuality and easy-rolling bombing love.

Arriving at the strip club, we entered a room full of smiles and sweet vibes. Welcome drink it was champagne-that was luxuriously filling up our glasses all night long. The night has already started. Hip hop and r’n’b music was playing loud, getting all tired souls swinging to the beats, all tired souls who were coming out from a typical weekday at work.

Show started with an amazing show-woman, dazzling dancer, super flexible human being whom’s eyes were sparkling and who blew away everyone’s mind with her brio and temperament. Nobody was expecting for this-well everybody was certainly somehow wishing for this. It was the perfect surprise and a warm up for an ultimately hot hot live show that was coming up right after.

Minutes later, KINDNESS popped up on stage. Everybody was thrilled. It all somehow felt as if we attended a less innocent prom dance. Funky tunes and uptempo beats. Accompanied by a full band and two lovely ladies in the backing vocals, show time has just began. A few songs later, BLOOD ORANGE took over the stage, singing to us, inviting us to his bedroom (one of our favorite tunes of his, btw). Then he got his guitar and played for us some uplifting rhythms. Quite a night and quite honored all of us to attend such a special show, by extraordinary artists who prove that no matter which stage they play, big or small, narrow or wide, their performance will haunt your brain and homiletic chatty chats with your best friends who missed it. Because-in this case-they didn’t get THE TICKET.

What are you waiting people? Go download this app and get your kicks at thrilling events like the ones we got to see. Dancefloor is waiting for you. More and more to come up.

PS: Next event it is on the 23rd of September. NINA KRAVIZ and THE ACID will be there. Get info from THE TICKET up and let’s meet there!

PPS: Not to forget to mention that we bumped into Dr Passion. Again.