Bombee - Aurelia EP - Cover- 2013



1. Silk Covered Face
2. Moon Guided
3. Momo
4. By The Sea
5. Internal Shell
6. Without a Name


The choice of BOMBEE‘s latest mascot offers plenty of space for interpretation. The Aurelia is a genus of scyphozoan jellyfish, one that is not yet fully discovered by science. They live in the depths of the ocean and of 13 species only a handful are formally described yet. Maybe it’s the beautiful look of the animals that combines with their mysterious nature which got the German indietronic band excited about them, you could guess. The whole ‘floating in water’-theme also marks a constant component on the new six-track strong BOMBEE EP which is entitled – and you might have already guessed that – Aurelia.

The band from Chemnitz invites us into their very own microcosm with an EP that’s floating as majestically to the deep sea as a beautiful jellyfish. After several changed band formations it looks like the group have finally found the right spirit, people and sound in 2013. This gives Aurelia the breath of continuation and new beginning at the same time.

Simplicity marks one of the key elements in the music of BOMBEE. They like to keep their production slick and high quality but still very basic. A clear sound wins over unnecessary elements. This gives Aurelia a quite clear and focussed musical environment. The main components are the reduced and clicking beats, a strong piano and the voice of singer Alexander Seypt. Build around this idea are other elements – from accordion (Moon Guided) to a guitar (By The Sea) and even strings (Internal Shell). Tiny electronic elements caress the melancholic songs and their reflective nature.

BOMBEE create gentle dreampop which is not as crowded with sounds and elements as many other music from that segment usually is. The songs are stripped to their nature, like tiny modern sea shanties, odes to the ever flowing river of life. Although some ideas on Aurelia might be a bit half-baked and Seypts voice lacks a certain variation from time to time there is plenty of potential in this band. They definitely know a thing or two about groove, structures and good production. Maybe a full length longplayer would confirm this. Until this happens we just follow the jellyfish into the dark…