Cloud Boat - NBHAP GuestmixBritish electronica duo CLOUD BOAT has been one of the most entertaining newcomers of 2013. And their debut album Book Of Hours really bewitched us here at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION with its melancholic honesty and rich amount of ideas. And it looks like Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke want to make hay while the sun shines as the follow-up is already on its way. Model Of You is set for a release this summer with Carmine already being a great first track of it.

Just the right time to have these two gentlemen over for an exclusive NBHAP Guestmix. ‘It is an important aspect of music to have a consistent vibe’ told us the duo last year in an interview. Though the music of CLOUD BOAT is clearly influenced by a lot of different genres they all come together for the greater good. Like painting a big picture with different colours and brushes. And of course the same goes for the duo’s mixtapes. Expect half an hour of the band’s current favourites with a heavy focus on dark and eclectic dubstep grooves. You don’t want to miss that, believe us.

01. FOREST SWORDS – The Plumes
02. LAS & GANTZ – Firepusher
03. OBJECT – The Goose That Got Away
04. KAIJU ft.FLOWDAN – Hunter
05. VEX’D – Pop Pop V.I.P.
06. KAHN – Way Mi Defend
07. BENTON – Dem a Gassed
08. COKI – Chicken Bop
09. COMMODO – Saracen
10. MARK PRITCHARD – Elephant Dub
11. PORTISHEAD – Strangers