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NBHAP Rating: 3/5


[one_half last=”yes”]CORREATOWN
Embrace The Fuzzy Unknown

Release-Date: 27.11.2015
Label: Highline Records

01. Eyes To The Sky
02. Longshot
03. Small Hours
04. Bonfires
5. True North
6. Lucky Ones
7. All Horizon
8. Wild Sprints
9. My Girls
10. Baby Bird (Wonder And Dream)


Sleepy Dreamland

CORREATOWN is no stranger for belovers of dream-pop. Her music is light, innocent and positive. On her newest album she keeps this tradition and allows her listeners to forget about all the awful things going on right know. Songs like Longshot or Eyes To The Sky are tiny anthems celebrating the small joys of life.

Less provocation – more good vibes

Oh yes, when there are still some chicks out there like our sweetheart MILEY CYRUS or airplay-hunter ELLIE GOULDING, it is refreshing to hear a woman sing out from heart, without being overproduced by some hit-maker. Embrace The Fuzzy Unknown is an all-indie-pop product which could have been recorded around 2003, when The O.C. or One Tree Hill were the number one shows on TV. Too old school in an electronica-era? Not at all. Some positive nostalgia never hurt anyone.

…and in the end?

Indie-Pop has become a mainstream section for its own when it comes to modern music. CORREATOWN has her fans and they will appreciate her newest release, dancing and dreaming to the new tunes. As sweet it might be, the scene is full of female artists with a sound like this, well-known duo SAY LOU LOU or German band BOY got the luck to sit on the throne at the moment. Enjoy it, sure, there is nothing wrong with it, but a bit more edge here and there would do no harm!

Embrace The Fuzzy Unknown is a solid indie-pop record with a big portion of sweetness and charm. CORREATOWN plays herself through different aspects of life, not searching for answers, but accepting the questions.