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Coves - Soft Friday Cover

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Soft Friday

Release-Date: 05.09.2014
Label: Nettwerk

01. Fall Out Of Love
02. Honeybee
03. Beatings
04. Last Desire
05. Let The Sun Go
06. No Ladder
07. Cast A Shadow
08. Fool For Your Face
09. Bad Kick To The Heart
10. Wake Up

NBHAP Rating: 3/5


Judge the book by its cover

Usually one should not do this. But in the case of British newcomers and their debut album Soft Friday it’s a bit different. The record offers exactly that sort of psychedelic 60s weirdness you’d expect from artwork like this. Two people starring into an abstract sunset? Colours, sounds and LSD everywhere. Thank god, COVES don’t entirely follow the cliche.

Psychedelic pop

That simple definition sums up the music and sound of Soft Friday pretty accurate. Full Out Of Love starts the album as an anthem packed with full sound, fuzzy guitars and dizzy vocals from singer Beck Wood. Although it’s full of all these rambling 60s references COVES tried to create something on their own without copying the current retro trend of bands like TEMPLES and TAME IMPALA. It’s also quite catchy pop, indeed.

Time and space

Soft Friday is the soundtrack you need for your next retro-themed basement party. The delicate groove of Honeybee invites you to slow dance with your crush while the psychedelic Bad Kick To The Heart takes us on an inner trip far, far away while we’re slowly drifting into the night. A few minutes later, the uplifting Wake Up literally lets us start a new day and face an optimistic future. Everything seems possible in the microcosm of COVES.


COVES deliver psychedelic retro-pop on ‘Soft Friday’, driven by an undeniable love for the fuzzy sound of the 1960s.