Blonde Maze – ‘Thunder’

Don’t know about you but I’m always way too sad once summer decided to fade out. And it gets even harder when a song happens to pop up in early October that would have been a fitting track for the season. It’s also not helpful that Amanda Steckler starts the latest single of her alter ego Blonde Maze with the line ‘There’s still in my shoes from the summer’. Thunder is a joyful piece of sun-drenched tropical synthpop that spreads a great amount of joy while also being undoubtedly sentimental on the other side. Ain’t that a great combination? This one definiely makes me hungry for next summer… and, of course, more music from Blonde Maze. (Norman)

Xul Zolar – ‘NYE’

After almost two years of relative silence, Xul Zolar‘s re-emergence came as a pleasant surprise. Not only did it reinforce our belief in the now four-piece Cologne group, but it also served as a reminder that the West German metropolis has not yet lost its relevancy as a hub for contemporary pop. On the contrary; NYE, the lead single from Xul Zolar‘s debut album Fear Talk, brims with sonic delicacies, from the clattering, percussive noises to the shimmering synthesizers drifting along the groove. Producer Marvin Horsch does an outstanding job in bringing together electronic and recorded elements to forge one of the most transparent-sounding indie pop tracks in 2017. (Igor)

Thea & The Wild – ‘Paved The Way’

Norway’s Thea & The Wild went funk-pop on her previous outing City Of Gold, but her new single Paved The Way sees her firing up the engine and writing a rock’n’roller. Paved The Way is a tribute to the women who’ve inspired her, and it sees her cut her own path with a stomping, growling rock song. City Of Gold sparked and flickered delicately, but this this is heavier and meaner, a low-riding, grungy song, but one that carries a little pop sparkle through Thea Glenton Raknes’ crystalline vocal and her knack with a chorus. Her new album Ikaros is out next year. (Austin)

Sweeep x Valdemar – ‘Whirl’

Deep in the heart of Soundcloud, Stockholm producers Sweeep and Valdemar have teamed up for a piece of murky, zoned-out electronica. Whirl is a track that sounds like midnight exhaling, an, icy, hazy, tense take on dark club music. It rides hard on your nerves, an immersive experience that drags you down into its heart, a world of shadowy pulses and flickers. It’s a kind of electronica as an art project, a carefully sculpted, detailed piece of neo-noir. (Austin)

Hannah Epperson – ’40 Numbers’

Rarely you stumble upon a track that just makes you stop everything and wants you to just enjoy it. Hannah Epperson‘s mesmerizing new single is such a stunning piece of music, an intimate but also quite emotional rollercoaster ride that lasts almost five minutes. The crafted violinist and songwriter manages to turn 40 Numbers into something raw and slightly surreal. The song is the first teaser from her new album Upsweep which works as a counter part to her 2016 LP Slowdown where she manages to deliver the songs in two versions – a pop and a neo-classic interpretation. Like already mentioned – she’s quite ambitious, right? (Norman)

NBHAP’s Daily Tunes from October 2017

  • Raf Rundell – ‘Every Morning’
  • Sweeep x Valdemar – ‘Whirl’
  • Blond – ‘Book’
  • Thea & The Wild – ‘Paved The Way’
  • All The Luck In The World – ‘Golden October’
  • Xul Zolar – ‘Nye’
  • Hannah Epperson – ‘4o Numbers’
  • Nick J.D. Hodgson – ‘Suitable’
  • E^ST – ‘Life Goes On’
  • House By The Lake – ‘Out Of The Woods’
  • The Hanged Man – ‘The Crack’
  • Null + Void – ‘Where I Wait’ (feat. Dave Gahan)
  • Lasse Matthiessen – ‘Broken Choir’
  • Blonde Maze – ‘Thunder’
  • Klangstof – ‘Everest’
  • Aisha Badru – ‘Mind On Fire’
  • PLAZA – ‘Speak it’
  • ORI – ‘Black Book’
  • Great News – ‘Never Get My Love’
  • Westerman – ‘Keep Track’
  • Hayley Heynderickx – ‘Oom Sha La La’
  • Jonas David – ‘Stay For’

Find all of those songs and plenty of other new music in the following playlist which – obviously – gets updated daily.