dale cooper quartet and the dictaphones - quatorze pieces de menace - album cover - 2013


01. Brosme en Deo-vert
02. Nourrain Quinquet
03. Calbombe camoufl eFretin
04. Oribus Sustent Éolipile
06. La Ventrée Rat De Cave
07. Il Bamboche Empereurs
08. Celadon Bafre
09. Ignescence Black bass Recule
10. Mange Tanche
11. Lampyre Bonne Chère

DALE COOPER QUARTET & THE DICTAPHONES is one of the most special acts in the field of dark jazz and doom jazz. Besides acts like BOHREN UND DER CLUB OF GORE, DAVID LYNCH and THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE, DALE COOPER QUARTET & THE DICTAPHONES are without any doubt the act that creates perfect soundscapes – one the one hand for movies, but on the other hand also for dark nights as well as for life in general. Now they are back with they third album called Quatorze Pièces De Menace.

With Quatorze Pièces De Menace, which is out this week on Denovali Records, the cult French dark jazz collective follows up of their highly acclaimed album Métamonoir (2011). Again this album is following their quest for perfect dreamy but at the same time mysterious places. Imagine cool 1950s cool jazz, a truckload of noise and melodies, the Twin Peaks series soundtrack and some ghostly and deep tone voices. Dark jazz in that takes you to other spaces. Quatorze Pièces De Menace is further enriched by appearances of guest musicians like Gaelle Kerrien (YANN TIERSEN) and Alicia Merz (BIRDS OF PASSAGE) on vocals. A fact that – again – speaks for massive quality, right?

Recorded in Brest, Britanny, France, this album always conveys an atmosphere of strangeness and beauty, the trademark of each of DALE COOPER QUARTET & THE DICTAPHONES‘ records. Based upon the live experiences of the band and their everlasting love for the local landscapes, Quatorze Pièces de Menace is as striking, deep, fascinating and beautiful as a storm in the middle of the Atlantic.

If you are on searching for perfect soundtrack music: you really need to check out this one!