Oh god, are they really doing this one? Yes, we do! Why? Because it’s been more or less exactly twenty years since this song went to Number One pretty much everywhere, believe it or not. Breakfast At Tiffany’s by DEEP BLUE SOMETHING was one of those radio hits of 1996 you couldn’t run away from. It was the time when there were actually such things like ‘radio hits’; tracks the first worked their way into the playlists of countless stations before resulting in a massive chart it. This addictive piece of college pop/rock might be the archetype of a 90s radio hit.

It’s still quite catchy, we must say and you can’t ignore how well it is written. And after a few years of giving it a break (as we were all pretty much fed up with this one for quite some time) we can really appreciate the qualities of this one-hit wonder and finally enjoy it again. And after a few years of radio silence DEEP BLUE SOMETHING are also back with new material. They released an EP called Locust House last year. How about that?