Delorean - Apar  - Cover- 2013


01. Spirit
02. Destitute Time
03. Dominion
04. Unhold
05. You Know It’s Right
06. Keep Up
07. Walk High
08. Your Face
09. Inspire
10. Still You

If you name your band DELOREAN there is a certain responsibility that comes with that. As some of you sci-fi nerds might know it’s the brand of the legendary car that was used as a time machine in the Back To The Future movies. There are only a few movies who are as 80s as these adventures of Martin McFly are. There is an automatic association with that loveable time that comes to your head. And if the sound follows that path it’s even better. Spanish synthie wave band DELOREAN is back with their highly anticipated new album Apar. Back in 2010 their joyful third album Subiza created a nice buzz around bloggers and pop lovers. Their sunny and dreamy balearic pop happened to the right time, it seemed.

With their fourth album the Spanish four-piece has to deal with the surprising international success of the previous one. Apar is a record that takes the concept of retro-sounding balearic pop with dreamy house influences a bit further. And, of course, a bit bigger how it is quite often common sense on such a level. The band describes the longplayer as their “big sounding album.” And as the opener Spirit unfolds its magic you can already sense the shift in terms of production and sound design. DELOREAN give their groovy dance pop a certain stadium appeal. Everything sounds a bit clearer, although still grooving. But the pads are even more epic than on the previous record and quite often there is room for epic sounding drums like in Dominion.

The band even gets some female help this time. GLASSER‘s Cameron Mesirow shares backing vocals on Destitute Time and the mysterious Unhold is completely under vocal control of Caroline Polacheck from CHAIRLIFT. But all in all the Spanish band manages to keep the spirit of Subiza alive, but also adds a more straight direction to the lush tropical sound. Although it’s still there – Apar feels like an afternoon at the beach, like a big party in the sun. It might be a bit less danceable than the last record and not always does the stadium spirit fit to the 80s wave pop perfectly. But then there are moments like the catchy Walk High or the epic closer Still You that are just too irresistible when you’re a fan of good pop music. And basically that is the offer DELOREAN are making you – a sunny and life embracing piece of pop music. Since it is early September a time machine could come in handy right now. Just to travel back to the start of the summer and enjoy this record throughout the whole sunny season.

Stream the entire album over at Pitchfork Advance.