Haldern Pop Festival 2012 - Photo by Stefan Dürr

Photo by Stefan Dürr

The anual HALDERN POP FESTIVAL is about to happen again next week (August 7 to 9) and we couldn’t be happier to attend this year. Well, maybe. We originally traced down the mysterious Dr. Passion to attend the event for us but he turns out to be a busy man at all. If you’re not familiar with this gentleman please enlighten yourself by reading about our first two encounters with him here and here. Nevertheless, it looks like Dr. Passion is quite excited about the friendly Open Air event anyway. We might have heard that NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION had a great time there last year. So without further ado, here is an open letter by Dr. Passion, directly dedicated to the event itself…


My dearest Haldern Pop Festival,

please excuse my absence, my lack of devotion, our deficient way of communication. It’s been a wild and exhausting year for everyone: ‘While the German team slices the Brazilians, rockets go down on Israel and Gaza,’ but others say ‘she got that magna cum laude pussy on her that done fried up your brain!’ Our minds are exploding from sizzling neurones, love and hate. Sometimes, I heard people talking about you. Sometimes they’d say they missed you. Sometimes they were flattering your vanity, your natural beauty and sharply shaped booking. Last week though, something happened. The winds of change are softly blowing. Our relationship got a fresh twist, just by approximation. My famous red phone doesn’t stop shaking the habitual: The Monk by the Sea is installing a mirror ball for his friends to come. People can’t sleep at night. Sweating, waking up, screaming, calling my line, asking for psychological support. What to do you ask? How to behave? Exaggerate! Change the world, make it a better place! Pack die Badehose ein and fuckin’ flip the coin!

In Love,

DPhil Passion


PS: Hence my personal and extraordinary cute assistant Karin won’t make it to Haldern, please give me a helping hand, I’ll be wearing Chanel lipstick in the color of Passion, reeling and trembling along these shows: LEE FIELDS & the EXPRESSIONS, PATTI SMITH, FINK, KURT VILE & THE VIOLATORS, ROYAL BLOOD, SUN KILL MOON, CONNAN MOCKASIN, THE MISPERS, FAT WHITE FAMILY, SPEEDY ORTIZ, BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE, GRANT HEART, THE DISTRICTS, OUGHT, ED HARCOURT, CHAMPS, SAM SMITH, RY X, BIG SIXES, GEORGE EZRA, SAMANTHA CRAIN, RHODES, THE ACID and ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD.