El_Txef_A - NBHAP Guestmix - Lars Borges

Photo by Lars Borges

With all the different way of labelling electronic music one can get slightly confused from time to time, especially when it comes to shoptalk or pseudo expertises in any way. Where is the difference between hard tech and Detroit techno? When is Chicago house music really Chicago? Where does good French House end and where DAVID GUETTA begin? Well, you should get the point. Thank god more and more artists break free from traditional structures and genre limitations by also adding influences from everywhere to their music

Aitor Etxebarria and his alter ego EL_TXEF_A are such a perfect example. While the Spanish producer is always in the mood for deep grooving electronic beats his productions also present a wide range of synthetic structures that couldn’t be further away from the dancefloor. His recently released sophomore album We Walked Home Together really feels like a romantic but somehow also melancholic walk home. Like a little daydream with plenty of things to discover.

The same could be said for Etxebarria’s brand new NBHAP Guestmix. It features the full spectrum of sounds and ideas from the microcosm of EL_TXEF_A. We’ve got a spheric and mysterious start before we welcome a tender beat and dance ourselves straight into the heart of darkness. A DJ-mix by EL_TXEF_A is quite a journey, although we won’t walk home together but rather straight into the next nightclub. Enjoy it right here.