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Karin Park - Apocalypse Pop

NBHAP Rating: 2,6/5


[one_half last=”yes”]ELLIE GOULDING

Release-Date: 06.11.2015
Label: Polydor

01. Intro (Delirium)
02. Aftertaste
03. Something In The Way You Move
04. Keep On Dancin’
05. On My Mind
06. Around U
07. Codes
08. Holding On For Life
09. Love Me Like You Do
10. Don’t Need Nobody
11. Don’t Panic
12. We Can’t Move To This
13. Army
14. Lost And Found
15. Devotion
16. Scream It Out 



Free fall into the ocean of contemporary music

The journey beginns with an intro piece named after the album. It is a mysterious, cinematic instrumental track which makes curious for the forthcoming material. And just when you reach this certain state of delirium it is supposed to turn you in to, the awakening hits you hard when Aftertaste starts pumping through your brain. A folk-orientated up-tempo number, catchy hook from the first sec, overload of production. It is clear, guys: With this album, ELLIE GOULDING serves us a pop-masterpiece.

Tiny book of love with many chapters

Aww yeah folks, there it is again. This stupid little thing called love which gave, still gives and will always give artists the big inspiration for their work. Delirium makes no exception when it comes to its lyrical themes: being in love, having this special person around, through good times and bad times. The LP stays on the positive side of the emotional ride. Feeling good, drugged by the intensity of being in love. The already released single On My Mind is the official leader among them, even when tracks like Holding On For Life or the international smasher Love Me Like You Do are definitely stronger than the playish earworm. Staying constantly on one level, the songs are inspired by human emotions. GOULDING picks out every little part of the happiness she feels when being on its high. A personal highlight in this category: Army, one of the album’s ballads.

Victim of the mainstream circle

Yes, in a world where we find pop-musicians in every corner, it is a privilege to be successful with your art, no matter how much the label controls your work. ELLIE was always about the airplay-pool, but this time the producers she teamep up with could have back up a few steps. The lovesongs are sweet, innocent and light, no doubt, but on the standart edition of 16 tracks, at least 13 sound almost identical. It is more like a straight collection of dance songs which could be also released by colleagues like KATY PERRY or RITA ORA. Earworm factor: 10/10, creative individuality: 3/10. A system of two separate reviews on Delirium would work better – pop-industry vs. artistic content. That would be fair. But as we all know, life ain’t fair sometimes, so here’s the thing: ELLIE GOULDING will dominate the charts with this LP, but listeners with some aspiration for music will not go with the flow.

ELLIE GOULDING’s third full-length Delirium is what it is: another product of the capitalistic fame machine. Bow down for the catchiness.