merchandise-spotify-squareThe almighty DEPECHE MODE once sang that ‘words are unnecessary’ and sometimes you can’t help but agree to that old pop gem. Constant conversation, especially in our digitalized society can make your head ache in quite a significant way. Countless opinions, accusationss and discussions – well, we’re still under the influence of all the recent presidential debates in the US, as you can see.

Thank god, we’re not alone with our call for silence as American wave rock band MERCHANDISE also calls for ‘No Words, Please.’ At least that’s the title guitarist David Vassalotti gave the exclusive Spotify Playlist he curated for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. And as you can see quite quickly this selection is not about silence at all. It might even be the most adventurous and experimental playlist we ever featured here, packed with instrumental tracks from all sorts of different musical fields, including jazz, classical music and noisy electronica. Here’s what Vassalotti has to say about it:

‘Words are being hurled about with ever-increasing volume and violence. We’re basking in the bleak dystopian future our progenitors ignored, overflowing with bold mottos, opinions, slogans, prayers, and ultimatums firing from every direction. I’m constantly fatigued. As a respite from the ever-turning verbal wheel, this music has been arranged and presented in all its instrumental, wordless glory. Dear world: please shut up and listen for a bit.’

The really good new MERCHANDISE album A Corpse Wired For Sound is out now via 4AD and you should definitely check out this playlist below and follow NBHAP on Spotify for more passionately curated music.