Snoop Lion - Exit Festival 2013

Photo by Julien Barrat

You know the feeling when you see a band from your hometown play and your entire being is filled with excitement as you sing along to every song? Imagine that scene, except you are observing that moment from the outside.

Last night, one of Serbia’s biggest hip-hop groups, BAD COPY, opened for the legendary SNOOP DOGG aka SNOOP LION. In short, even before the lights went up, the crowd went crazy. Although we had no idea what they were saying, we could tell by the reaction of everyone around us that there is a deep pride and respect given to the hip-hop trio. Couples sang hand and hand, as friends swayed to and fro spilling their beers on each other, and the girls at the hot dog stand mouthed the lyrics while counting the money in the cash register.

BAD COPY has played a major role in the popularization of hip-hop in Serbia, and was the perfect pick as an opener for one of the most influential hip-hop artists of all time, the one and only, Snoop Dogg.

As we were working away in the media center behind the main stage, we ran out to catch the closing number. “Put your hands together Serbia”, Snoop called out, and let the crowd take the lead on Young, Wild and Free.

Afterwards, SNOOP DOGG gave an official press conference while journalists from across the world relaxed at the whisky bar, and English Drum and Bass guru, DJ FRICTION  took over the Tesla stage.

We then headed to the Dance Arena to catch one of our favorites, KATE BOY, bring their sharp Scandinavian synth-pop to Novi Sad. Easily one of the most popular out of EXIT FESTIVAL‘s 16 stages, the energy at the arena was raw and a sea of bodies was visible for as far as the eye could see.

The bowl of the Dance Arena was overflowing and the crowd had spilled over on to the sides of the fortress walls. If you think you have already experienced the best clubs and tried all the flavors of hedonistic parties, then perhaps you need to challenge yourself to the EXIT dance arena.

Following KATE BOY was FATBOY SLIM and soundtracking the sunrise were SETH TROXLER and back-2-back DJ sensations, APOLLONIA. Tonight, pioneers of the big beat and electronic movement, THE PRODIGY, will be on the main stage at 23:30. We hear that they put on an incredible show, so we’ll let you know tomorrow just how good it was.

That was day 2. Find our impressions from the first evening right here.